My son had a lot of dental work done and his teeth were really sore so I made a big pot of the Mulligatawny Soup! It was so good! He ate it for days. Much healthier than store bought as you add diced potatoes and fresh chopped apples with the coconut milk! I will definitely be buying more!!  Suzzy Campbell


These soups are great!!! They store for a long time in the cupboard. I love how I can just add all of my favorite meats and veggies (for certain kinds) and it becomes a wonderful meal!!! My favorite so far is the lasagna soup.  Ashley Dalziel

I love Sister's Soup. They are so easy to make. Just I just put them in the crockpot with meat and some extra veggie and dinner is done when I get home from work. The whole family loves them.  Janet Lancaster Gomes

Sister's Soup Factory is a pantry staple!  I love how easy it is and by just adding in vegetables makes a quick lunch or dinner.  Love to simmer them in the crock pot and enjoy the tantalizing smells while working in my office. Thank you Juanita for making it so delicious and easy!   Deanna Johnson.

These soups are amazing! Been using for a few years now. So easy & a very good way to use your left overs! Caroline Kristensen

  💜Love the Thai Coconut Curry soup.  Bonnie Kerr

We absolutely <3 Sister's Soup Factory....  Harriett Watson

I started using Sisters Soup this past november  I have known Juanita for a long time and never tried her soups.   I now have tried about 9 of them  my favorites are the taco Soup and the Chili soup    We have loved making the soups in the morning and leaving it all day in the crock pot.  At dinner time  we have the most amazing tastes to enjoy  We have had trouble with many products because of the salt content and i was really pleased to find the sodium was not an issue,    For Christmas this year we gave the soup to all of our family as a christmas present as it is so good we wanted to share.  Thanks Juanita for making such a great product and thanks for getting me hooked on it   lol.    Barbara Bellamy

 Just tried my creamy tomato basil soup that I bought at the DP Todd craft fair!  It was amazing!  How can I order more?!  Lisa Gagnon

Thank you Juanita for your awesome service! Enjoy your passion for your quality,delicious soups!  Spruceland News.

Love love love love your soups!! Can't wait for more :). Danielle Collin

Your soups are so easy to make! Love them! Oh & they are delicious also😉. Caroline  Campbell

Just made your tomato basil soup..it was delicious!  Pat Klassen.

 Made your brownie cake! Pretty much ate the whole thing myself. Very good. Kyla Dawes.